Akhil Patnaik


Unleashing Success in Construction Estimation Services: A Trideify Case Study


Explore how Trideify’s Advertising and Marketing Solutions propelled Estimate Florida Consulting to new heights by revolutionizing their client acquisition for construction estimating and consulting services. This compelling case study showcases our strategic approach, execution, and the remarkable impact we delivered.

Estimate Florida Consulting faced the challenge of no client base for their construction estimation services. Our objective was to establish their brand presence, generate qualified leads, and drive client conversions.

Strategy and Execution:
With a focused strategy, Trideify executed targeted digital advertising campaigns to reach potential clients actively seeking construction estimation services. By leveraging our expertise in keyword optimization and compelling ad creation, we aimed to capture the attention of the target audience.

Results and Impact:
Through our strategic campaign, Estimate Florida Consulting achieved impressive results. The campaign garnered 2,870 clicks and reached an extensive audience with 112,000 impressions. With an average cost per click of $1.88 , our efficient ad spending maximized the client’s budget.

The real measure of success lies in the 10 successful client conversions, with an average service value of $1,200 . This tangible impact translated into significant revenue growth for Estimate Florida Consulting and solidified their position as a trusted provider of construction estimation and consulting services.

The collaboration between Trideify and Estimate Florida Consulting propelled their business to new heights. By harnessing the power of digital marketing, we successfully elevated their brand visibility, attracted qualified leads, and ultimately facilitated substantial revenue growth. The case study demonstrates our ability to transform challenges into opportunities and drive business success.

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Note: The actual revenue figures are confidential and cannot be disclosed.