Akhil Patnaik


Transforming Loan Services: A Digital Marketing Success Story


Discover how Trideify’s Advertising and Marketing Solutions helped Online CashingIn, a prominent loan provider, overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results. This case study highlights our strategic approach, execution, and the impactful outcomes we delivered.

Online CashingIn faced low footfalls and a lack of loan applicants. Our objective was to enhance brand visibility, increase leads, and boost customer acquisition for their loan services.

Strategy and Execution:
Working within their budget, we implemented targeted Google Ad campaigns to reach the right audience at the right time. By optimizing keywords and crafting compelling ad copies, we aimed to attract potential borrowers actively seeking loan solutions.

Results and Impact:
With a total of 6,690 clicks and 109,000 impressions, our strategic campaign achieved remarkable outcomes. Online CashingIn received 1,200 calls and 500 qualified leads through our lead generation forms. The campaign not only brought in new customers but also significantly increased their revenue.

The collaboration between Trideify and Online CashingIn led to a transformative growth in their loan services. By leveraging our digital marketing expertise, we successfully enhanced their brand presence, generated high-quality leads, and substantially improved their business outcomes.

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Note: Due to privacy policies, specific revenue figures cannot be disclosed