Akhil Patnaik


Empowering Education: How Echo Education’s Webinar Campaign Transformed Leads into Sales


Imagine a world where education meets convenience. Echo Education, a renowned online course provider, embarked on a remarkable journey to reach out to eager learners like you. We, at Trideify, a digital marketing agency, joined forces with Echo Education to craft a compelling webinar campaign that revolutionized the way courses are discovered and experienced.

Our goal was to invite potential learners to an exclusive webinar, showcasing the transformative power of Echo Education’s courses. By targeting the right audience on Facebook, we aimed to generate leads and convert them into paying customers.

Strategy and Execution:
With a meticulous strategy in place, we launched a Facebook ad campaign for Echo Education’s webinar, investing a modest amount of 2,990.24 INR. Each click on the ad cost a mere 0.76 INR, driving a total of 3,932 enthusiastic individuals to join the webinar.

Results and Impact:
Out of the 3,932 webinar participants, 120 embraced the opportunity and became valued customers. These individuals recognized the immense value in Echo Education’s course offerings and invested in their personal and professional growth. As a result, Echo Education successfully generated a remarkable revenue of 30,000 INR from course sales alone.

Furthermore, our partnership with Echo Education didn’t end there. The remaining participants who attended the webinar have now become a warm and engaged audience, ready to embark on their learning journey. With Echo Education’s unparalleled courses at their fingertips, they have the power to enhance their skills and knowledge whenever they desire.

This case study highlights the incredible synergy between Echo Education and Trideify. By leveraging the power of digital marketing, we crafted an immersive webinar experience that attracted eager learners, driving both sales and engagement. Echo Education’s commitment to excellence and Trideify’s expertise in reaching the right audience proved to be a winning combination.

Are you ready to unlock your potential and embark on a transformative educational journey? Explore the diverse range of courses offered by Echo Education today. With Trideify by your side, we can help you discover the perfect course that aligns with your aspirations. Don’t wait any longer; take that crucial step towards a brighter future with Echo Education and Trideify.